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Solicitation for Insurance

Solicitation for private water service repair/replacement coverage
The Acton Water District (AWD) is aware that customers have received a direct solicitation from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp (HomeServe).  Their offer is to provide for private water service repair/replacement coverage for a fee.  As noted in their own promotional literature, HomeServe is an independent company separate from your local utility or community and offers this optional service as an authorized representative of AMT Warranty Corp., the contract issuer. HomeServe's corporate offices are located in Stamford, Ct.

AWD is aware that this company exists, along with others, and that they offer  a variety of services for private utilities and facility “systems” including heating systems, water heaters, air conditioning systems, interior gas lines, interior electrical wiring and exterior water line services.   We also note that while HomeServe’s  sales literature is designed to look “official” and require “urgent” attention, this service is unassociated with the AWD and does not promote this service.
While many individuals maintain service contracts for heating, cooling and water heater systems, it is not as common a practice for water lines, gas lines and electrical wiring.   
The AWD does want to clarify
, the portion of the water service on private property is the responsibility of the owner.  Therefore, any leak repair on that portion of the service line would be the responsibility of the owner.