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Stow Street Water Main


Directional drilling rig is set up and operational on Stow Street.

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Hayward/Stow Steet Water Main timeline!


May 2, 2014

Connection has been completed

The contractor, Onyx Corporation of Acton, has completed the connection at the 5-way intersection at Liberty, Stow and Martin Streets.  This past week, the new pipes passed leak testing and bacterial testing, and have been placed into service.  This culminates an infrastructure improvement that began in the summer of 2013, and included the replacement of the problematic main on Hayward Road between Arlington Street and Haartz Corporation behind the A-B Regional School campus.  The forthcoming phase will be a replacement of the pipe on Hayward Road between the Route 2 bridge and Main Street/Route 27.  Onyx should be mobilizing to this area by mid-May.  Over the course of the coming week, they will be resurfacing the impacted roadways from curb-to-curb, and restoring abutting areas that were disturbed by this project.  This  is part of our annual commitment to improve aging and failing infrastructure at a rate of $500k per year.  This issue is not isolated to Acton, but is global problem.  Here in United States, the shortfall of funding infrastructure improvements for water and wastewater systems is in the neighborhood of $20-billion.  There is currently proposed legislation that has been passed by the MA Senate, Senate Bill 2016 seen here , in February of this year, that has now moved to the MA House of Representatives.  The bill’s objective is assisting the Commonwealth’s cities & towns in financing these critical improvements.

I would like to thank citizens and motorists for their patience during very trying times.  These projects have major traffic impacts, and simply disrupt the typical routines of life, and we thoroughly appreciate everyone’s understanding of the challenges of replacing buried infrastructure.

Thank you

Chris Allen, District Manager

May 1, 2014

Contractor preparing to tie-in new main

Onyx is getting ready to tie-in the new main at the intersection of Stow/Martin/Liberty and will be conducting some low-flow flushing.  Over the next several days, we will be reconfiguring the flow patterns in the areas of STOW, ROBBINS, PRESCOTT, NASH and connecting streets.  These activities are likely to create discoloration of water due to changes in flow directions and velocities.  Please refer to the Water Quality page to answer frequently asked questions pertaining to discolored water.


April 14, 2014


After terminating work last December due to the impending winter weather, Onyx Corporation of Acton, MA has re-mobilized to complete the scope of the water main replacement on Stow Street, and then proceed to Hayward Road to complete the replacement of the water main pipe between the Route 2 Bridge and Main Street/Route 27.  We anticipate this will be completed in the early summer.  The Stow Street portion will consist of tying in the intersection at Stow/Liberty/Martin Streets to the new main on Stow Street.  This should be complete by the end of April.  The portion of Hayward Road that was completed last year (Between Arlington Street and the Route 2 Bridge) and Stow Street will be paved curb-to-curb in early May.  This work will impact traffic patterns on these two rights-of-way.  Typically the contractor will maintain one lane of passage, but there may be times when it is necessary to close the road, and detour traffic for safety purposes.  We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process, and understand the major inconvenience that this presents.  When complete, the project will raise the integrity of the pipes in those areas preventing breakage that historically caused service outages and widespread discoloration events.

March 26th, 2014

Contractor mobilizing to complete work on Stow Street


  • Onyx Corporation (the Contractor) will be mobilizing to Stow Street this spring, and will begin with the work on Stow Street, that is anticipated to take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. The major portion of which is renewing the pipes and valves in the intersection at Stow, Liberty and Martin Streets.
  • The contractor will be temporary paving once a week.
  • Currently, final paving and resurfacing of the first half of Hayward Road (From Arlington St. to the Rt 2 Bridge) and all of Stow Street is planned for this spring.  This will be a complete curb-to-curb mill and overlay of both roadways.


December 12, 2013

Services are being tied in

Services are being tied in on Stow Street. Residential services will be connected to the new main today Dec (12/12), Friday (12/13), Monday (12/16), Tuesday (12/17), and Wednesday (12/18). After paving the trenches, the job will be complete for the winter.  Remaining work will be done in the spring of 2014.


November 1, 2013

Hayward Road work almost complete; work on Stow Street to commence

The water main improvement on Hayward Road is just about complete.  All tie in’s to existing pipes are made, the main has been tested for leak tightness and the absence of microbial activity has been verified by lab testing.  The next step in the process is for the contractor to prepare and pave the water main trench, and repair the roadway shoulders and areas that were disturbed during the project in preparation for the winter season.  Next year, Hayward Road will be milled and overlaid from curb-to-curb.  We’d like to thank the residents in the vicinity, and those impacted by this project for their patience and understanding.  We understand that this was a major inconvenience, mostly due to its proximity to the Acton-Boxborough Regional School complex.  Our intent was to complete the project prior to the school year beginning.  However, due to unforeseen conditions, this did not come to fruition.  The existing water main on Hayward Road was prone to breakage risking property damage, traffic hazards, and water service outages to the residents and businesses located there.  Thusly, the replacement of the water main was escalated to a high priority.

Now that that portion of the contract is essentially complete, the contractor will move to Stow Street to replace another length of problematic infrastructure there.  Much of that replacement due to the area and nature of service will be installed using trenchless technology, or directional drilling; removing the necessity of digging elongated excavation trenches at a depth of 5-6’.  Instead, two access trenches to allow the insertion of a length of High Density Polyethylene pipe using a directional drilling rig.  This work will commence on, or about, the week of November 4th, and, if all goes well, conclude on, or about, November 30th.

The roadway and traffic impacts on Stow Street will be similar to those on Hayward Road.  Most times, one lane will remain open with traffic controls in place.  However, there may be times when it will be necessary to close the road and detour traffic to alternate routes.  We recommend that, during the month of November, motorists stay away from this area, and seek alternate routes.  This will help expedite the duration of the project on Stow Street, and ensure that crews are working safely.

We’d like to thank all those affected by these improvements for their patience and understanding.  These repairs are necessary for the sustainable supply of potable water to those connected to the District.  Please refer to our website for updates on this, and other, projects of note.  And, look for changes in the appearance and functionality of our website as we strive to make it more user friendly and informative.

Chris Allen
District Manager