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Staff, Elected and Appointed Officials


Elected Officials


Stephen C. Stuntz
Erika Amir-Lin
Barry Rosen

Clerk: William Stanford

Moderator: William Mullin

Appointed Officials

Finance Committee:

William Guthlein Jr.
Charles Bradley

District Manager:    Chris Allen

Treasurer/Collector:   MaryJo Bates

District Counsel: Mary Bassett

District Assistant Clerk: Helen F. Argento

Commissioners Secretary: Lynn Protasowicki

Auditor: Maureen Waters Mara, CPA, MST

Water Land Management Advisory Committee    

Paul Malchodi
Charles Olmstead
John Cipar


Environmental Manager:   Matthew Mostoller

MIS Coordinator:  Bob Murch

Accounts Receivable:  Beth Secinaro

Accounts Payable:  Julie Hawkins

Water Operations Administrator:   Charles Rouleau

General Foreman:   Andrew Peterson

Assistant Foreman:  Rob Dionne

Distribution and Treatment Operators:

Jamie Trippier

Keith Kupfer

Matt Walsh

Luke Peterson

Don Callahan