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Rules and Regulations for Underground Lawn Watering Systems

At the Water Commissioners meeting held on September 8, 1997, the Board of Water Commissioners voted to rescind the ban on the installation of underground lawn water systems, and chose to allow the installation of same, with the following conditions.

  1. All automatic lawn watering systems, connected to the public water supply, must be equipped with a timing device that can be set to make the system conform to the District’s odd/even outdoor watering restrictions.
  2. All automatic lawn watering systems must be equipped with some type of moisture sensing device that will prevent the system from starting automatically when not needed.
  3. All automatic lawn watering systems must be installed with an approved backflow prevention device (Watts 800 or equal).  Said device will be inspected initially by the plumbing inspector, and may be inspected periodically after that by water district employees.
  4. Any person who now has, or who intends to install an automatic lawn watering system in the future, must notify the Water District office of the existence of said system, or of their intention to install a new system prior to the actual installation.  All systems, those currently in existence, as well as any installed in the future, must comply with all Rules and Regulations adopted on this date.
  5. Any system not in conformance with the above criteria may be disconnected from the public water supply system.