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Helpful Links

USGS Water Resources

This is your direct link to water-resource information on Massachusetts's rivers and streams, groundwater, water quality, and biology.

U.S. EPA Drinking Water Program

The EPA Headquarter's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water maintains a lot of useful information on the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Massachusetts D.E.P Drinking Water Program

The Drinking Water Program ensures that the drinking water delivered by public water systems in Massachusetts is fit and pure according to national and state standards. Learn more about the Drinking Water Program.

Town of Acton

The Acton Water District is a municipal entity separate from the Town of Acton chartered by the Massachusetts Legislature’s Acts of 1912. The Town of Acton’s web site is


Want to conserve water? Not sure where to start? Their Water Calculator quickly estimates how much water your household uses and compares it to a similar average and a highly efficient home.