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WaterSmart Program


The Acton Water District has partnered with WaterSmart Software to provide our customers with another tool in our water efficiency and outreach tool box.  WaterSmart is a data driven customer engagement and analytics platform, offering greater insight and control over water use in your home or business.  Although Acton residents are doing a commendable job on using water wisely, there's always room for improvement!  That's exactly what WaterSmart aims to do.

By now, most customers should have received a "Welcome Letter" from WaterSmart.  Once you have completed the survey and registered for the program, you will begin to receive personalized, easy-to-read Home Water Reports, which will offer customized, water-saving recommendations and incentives.

Benefits of WaterSmart:

  • Improved water use information, updated on a monthly basis with customized usage summary.
  • Access to an interactive water-saving recommendation library, customized specifically for that property.
  • Improved customer awareness of their water usage.
  • Timely leak and high-use alerts.
  • Multiple ways to send and receive communications on water use and water supply issues.
  • E-Bill Presentment and historical payment and use information.

On your welcome letter, you may have noticed that some of the data specific to your account, such as household size, is not correct.  This is because some information was estimated based on publicly available databases, including lot and house size from the Assessor's Office, aerial photos for lawn size, and actual records of past water use at your property.

As you register and update your account with customer verified date, you will get the most relevant and accurate information in your Home Water Report.

We would like for all of our eligible customers to sign up for this program; however, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Be assured that we use your email address only to send you details about your water-use and important water-related programs.  We do not provide your email address to any third parties and if our relationship with WaterSmart is ended, the information remains the property of the Acton Water District, not WaterSmart Software.  You have the option to switch your preferred method of communications at any time.

Get started today by accessing your account at

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Acton Water District at 978-263-9107 or

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