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The Acton Water District conducts annual sampling of all wells or water treatment plants (WTP) for sodium. The most recent results entering our distribution system are listed in the table below.

Date  Source  Concentration (mg/L)
03/13/20 Clapp/Whitcomb WTP 80.8
03/13/20 Conant I Well 30.1
03/13/20 Conant II Well 45.4
04/28/20 Conant II Well 39
04/28/20 North Acton WTP 54.1
04/28/20 South Acton WTP 50.1

Although sodium does not have a maximum contaminant level, the Department of Environmental Protection does have a guideline of 20 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for sensitive individuals, such as those on very salt-restricted diets. Sodium levels in drinking water vary considerably from well to well and month to month. For the most accurate data on sodium levels at your home, an individual tap sample would be necessary.