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Water Treatment

To meet state and federal requirements for public drinking water, the Acton Water District treats all of its water before it is supplied to our customers. We treat our water to control corrosion, disinfect, remove volatile organic chemicals and to sequester iron and manganese. We add potassium hydroxide to raise the pH of the water and reduce its corrosivity. The water is chlorinated for disinfection. To raise the fluoride levels and help prevent cavities, sodium fluoride is added at each well and aeration of the water helps prevent volatile organic chemicals from entering finished water. 

Conant Well Conant II Wellfield Assabet Wellfield Kennedy Wellfield Clapp/Whitcomb Wellfield 
Aeration   X X X X
Chlorination  X X X X X
Fluoridation X X X X X
pH Adjustment X   X X X
Color Removal      X  X X
Filtration      X X X