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In April, 1895, Acton Town Meeting delegated a team of five to employ a competent engineer to examine sources of water, estimate takers, develop a proposal, and report back. Seventeen years later, the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed Chapter 326 of the Acts of 1912.  

The farmers, business interests and residents joined together and voted to accept the new legislation. They officially incorporated the West and South Water Supply District of Acton on April 16, 1912 by a vote of 57 in favor and one against. The wisdom of this independent charter by the state is important to us takers since it allows the freedom to focus 100% on water needs, free of other municipal functions.

In 1947 the District bounds expanded as the town began to grow. Between 1960 and 1979, the system grew to approximately 50% of its current size.  With this growth in town, the District boundaries were once again expanded to include all of Acton in 1962 and the name of the District was officially changed to the Water Supply District of Acton. The AWD’s first Water Commissioners were Chairman Edgar H. Hall, with Charles H. Fairbanks and Waldo E. Whitcomb. The first Clerk was Charles H. Mead.